P.J. Murphy has been a leading producer of wood by-products for over a century. The reasons are simple. First, we provide top-quality products at affordable prices. Second, we offer our customers the highest level of commitment and standards anywhere. And third, we have always been a “green” company, helping to keep our planet vibrant and making sure that natural resources are never put to waste.

Founded in Brooklyn, NY in 1895, the company was officially incorporated as P. J. Murphy Forest Products Corporation in 1947. Corporate headquarters are located in Montville, NJ. In addition, we currently have operations in four states and will be opening a fifth production facility soon.

Our locations include Bowling Green, KY; Ladysmith, WI; Monticello, KY and Mount Jewett, PA.

Through our network of dealers and distributors most of our products can be purchased throughout North America and around the world. For four generations the same family has provided the highest level of commitment to all of our customers.

Many different industries rely on our products. Our animal bedding, wood flour, meat smoking, metal tumbling, and fur dressing products have been industry staples for more than 65 years.


For 100+ Years

Green Since 1895