Wood Flour

There are many reasons why P.J. Murphy is the leading manufacturer of wood flour in North America. One important reason is that we provide a consistent supply that always meets our customer’s requested specifications. If you are entering the wood/plastic composite field, we will be happy to work with you by engineering and manufacturing the type of wood flour that will be most effective for your application.

Wood flour is defined as a finely-ground wood cellulose, often called “wood fiber”. It is used in manufacturing a wide range of products ranging from exterior composite decking/railing to office furniture to caster wheels. The number of wood/plastic composite applications continues to grow significantly every day. Blending our wood flour with a mixture of plastic resins has resulted in the creation of durable, long-lasting composites that are less expensive and lighter in weight.

P.J. Murphy supplies the world’s leading manufacturers of wood/plastic composite decking, fencing and railing. We can eliminate slow production or quality issues with your finished products. We guarantee the highest levels of quality control and run quality tests on our products at least once every half-hour. Furthermore, we always are competitively-priced and have maintained a reputation of providing high levels of individualized customer support.

Our competitors do not have the experience and engineering knowledge that we have developed over our 115-year history. We guarantee that our products will be created only from the wood species you request and will arrive with the same mesh size and moisture level from one load to the next. Our fleet of closed van walking-floor trailers ensures that our customers receive a dry product with no foreign materials or increased moisture that could slow down your production. We dedicate our trailers to individual customers and never backhaul raw materials in the same trailer. This ensures that you will only receive the product you want and never find large wood particles that can wreak havoc on your production systems.

We are well-aware that every application demands slightly different properties from wood flour. Our four generations of ownership allows us to use our experience to help make your products as good as they can be. We are here to meet any challenges so that you will be able to consistently obtain the right product for your needs.

Oil Rig

FO6 Wood Flour

Our most sought after grade of wood fiber. The largest global composite manufacturers tend to prefer this grade. All wood fiber can be special ordered to any particle size.



A finer wood flour than the FO6

Irridated Bedding

100 Mesh

Can be manufactured coarser or finer as required”.

Irridated Bedding

200 Mesh

The finest particle size that we offer.

Wood Flour Delivery Options

We offer several different packaging options for our wood flour. The following three examples are by far our most popular. Each of these options is tailor-made for customers with very different needs and concerns.

Wood flour in Bulk Trailers

Our most commonly used delivery option is via our fleet of walking-floor van trailers that each holds approximately 44,000 pounds of wood flour.

Our modern fleet of closed-van trailers ensures that no rain or snow will get into your product. This prevents you from having production slowdowns due to slow-processing wet material. We will never use open-top canvas trailers to transport our material to you, guaranteeing that foreign materials (nails, metals, etc.) will never get into your wood flour.

Wood flour In Bulk Bags

We offer wood flour packaged in bulk bags that measure 100 cubic feet and hold approximately 2, 000 pounds per bag. If a customer requires bulk bags in a different size, we are happy to special order any size they might require or use bags supplied by the customer.

Bagged wood flour

Our 2.2 cubic foot multi-walled paper bags hold 50 pounds per bag. They are the perfect size for customers looking for easy handling without sacrificing a fixed weight.

All of our paper bags are palletized and stretch wrapped.  Our standard pallet contains 40 bags (8 bags high, with 5 per row).  Special paper bagging and stacking requests are available upon request.


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