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Setting the gold standard for animal beddings, we believe in maintaining the highest level of quality starting with the types of wood we use. Only the most select natural hardwoods are chosen and when a tree is felled, it is replaced with a newly planted tree. We don’t use cedar or softwoods overall because they have unhealthy organic compounds. Those compounds which may smell pleasing can cause distress to your animals. For over 60 years we have been the reliable leader in the animal bedding community.

The process used to make Sani-Chips® emphasizes the highest level of quality control at every turn. After finding the highest quality wood sources, we use only closed-van trailers to transport our hardwoods from sawmills to our production facilities. At all times throughout the process, we maintain a closed system to avoid contamination. The animal beddings are heat-treated and dried in rotary drums, reaching 1200 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 minutes. The moisture content is lowered this way to 8% (+/-2%), killing harmful bacteria.

The product is then conveyed by air through sifters and screeners to produce a final particle size. Then, it is refined again using additional, innovative and unique equipment to further increase screening and aspirating. Note: all of our products are virtually dust-free.

We have standard product specifications for each of our products. All of our animal bedding products go through the same production process until they are packaged according to their chip size. Our most popular two products are our Sani-Chips® and the larger sized Coarse Grade Sani-Chips®. The other option is called our C-Grade, which is made of a finer particle size. All are free of shavings, slivers, excessive dust and foreign matter.

We take great pride in the fact that our customers include top research facilities, universities, and leading pharmaceutical companies, in addition to the finest breeders of laboratory animals worldwide. For example, our SANI-CHIPS® are used by the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, MD, the National Toxicological Program, the National Center for Toxicological Research (NCTR) and the National Cancer Institute. Our all-natural wood animal bedding can be found in nearly every major animal breeding facility in the U.S.

In addition to many customers inspecting and approving our facilities annually, we frequently have our products tested by approved private testing laboratories, insuring that our products exceed the standards of NIH, NCTR, NTP and the highest standards of all, our own.


This product is the larger sized brother to our original Sani-Chips®. Coarse-grade Sani-Chips® have all the great qualities of our regular sized Sani-Chips®, but simply are made with a larger chip size, varying between 4 and 8 mesh. They can be considered as a form of enrichment for the animal.
These chips are processed using the same high-quality standards as our original Sani-Chips® and are ready for use right out of a 2.2 cubic foot, autoclavable bag. They are also virtually dust-free, contain no chemical additives or paper sludge and are not a food source for your animals. As with our regular Sani-Chips®, the wood species is either ASPEN or a hardwood MAPLE blend.

Irridated Bedding


Our high quality products are sterile enough to use right out of the bag, unlike many other types of animal bedding. To ensure that our customers get best product possible we offer the options to irridate and certify our products upon customer request.

Irridated Bedding


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